Do you know that drowning is the #3 cause of death of children under five years of age in the USA?  And that it is the leading cause of death in some states such as California, Florida, Texas and Arizona where there are more than the average percentage of properties with private pools?  That between 60 and 80 kids aged 1-4 drown in Spain every year?  These figures are just the tip of the iceberg - the World Health Organisation estimate that there are 288,000 drowning deaths worldwide every year!

Thousands of people are hospitalized every year for injuries sustained in or around pools: - electrocution, chemical burns, poisoning, slips, falls, fractures, paralysis and permanent brain damage feature among the list of pool-related accidents, in addition to death by drowning. Enough cannot be said or read on the subject of Pool Safety.

Countless numbers of people become ill due to incorrect or inadequate sanitation or incorrect storage, handling or application of chemicals.  Swimmers can be blighted with anything from ear infections, ‘the runs’, chemical burns - right up to Legionnaires Disease.  Some of those people die and others are left permanently incapacitated.

We’re trying to do something about these horrendous statistics by gifting

The Pool Safety Bible to as many people as possible.

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The Pool Safety Bible is not solely for people who own pools - it’s for anyone who uses a pool, lives near, or visits, areas with open water like rivers, swimming holes, lakes and the ocean.  It’s for anyone who has children and who would like to learn how to save a life using CPR.  Knowing what to do in an emergency can save vital seconds - and seconds save lives.

Inside this eBook you’ll find dozens of different aspects of Pool Safety covered in detail.  You’ll learn how to make your pool the safest place it can be, discover the root cause of 50% of backyard pool deaths; and how to safeguard your family and friends.

Voluntary Donation - An appeal for your help.  The Pool Safety Bible is free to the reader but publicising it and translating it into all major languages is costly.  We want to give the vital life-preserving information within The Pool Safety Bible to as many people as we can but nobody can download it unless they know about it.  

So we are appealing for donations to fund advertising on pay-per-click with Google and to help with translation and formatting costs.  Please see the 'DONATE' button at the top of the page.  With your donation of 'the price of a coffee' we can reach many more people around the world and help them to protect their family and to save lives.  

Like I say above - it's voluntary.  Please don't feel obliged to donate - just take your free copy, read it and make your pool safe!

Could you help us spread the message in other ways, too?  

1 - Tell your friends, family and contacts about this free Safety ebook and invite them to download their own copy.

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3 - Offer to translate The Pool Safety Bible into a foreign language.

Many thanks for your help.  Ken Walker


The Pool Bible

The Pool Safety Bible is written by Ken Walker, author of The Pool Bible, an informative eBook for backyard pool owners who want to be more ‘hands-on’ with their pools.  (I’m trying to sell you a copy here and I realise that nobody likes parting with hard cash - but there are sound financial reasons why you might consider buying The Pool Bible): -

Look at it this way - If you call a Professional Pool Technician to your pool you’ll get a bill for at least the call-out charge.  Currently, this runs an absolute minimum of $30 - £30 or €30 depending on where you live.

That’s around 10 times the price of The Pool Bible, and for the call-out charge you’ll have the Pro on-site for around 30 minutes - if you’re lucky.

Then you’ll get a bill for any extra time spent on-site, plus any additional work the Professional does, and you’ll also pay full retail for spare parts and consumables.  Your Pool Pro might even sell you a $25 pool chemical that you can get at the hardware store for $2.50.  (The only difference being that the $2.50 variety is ‘food grade’ and purer than the $25 pool chemical.)

Has your pool ever needed the attention of a Pool Pro?  Most pools have at some point but if your pool has not needed such visitors yet; don’t feel neglected, it will one day!  When it does - Professional Services don’t come cheap.  One California-based Pool Service company proudly advertises a call-out charge of ‘only’ $65 and labour charges of ‘just’ $80 per hour.  I wonder what their out-of-hours rates are?

If you have your pool cleaned by the local Pool Guy you’ll be shelling out a minimum of $1000 a year, plus chemicals.  Servicing and seasonal work like winterizing, acid-washing, re-grouting, cleaning or changing the filter contents, etc., are extras and must be paid for on top of the cleaning charges  Taking care of your own pool could reduce the annual cost of pool-ownership by 90%.

I’m not suggesting that there is any sort of rip-off or scam going on; Pool Service companies do a great job at a fair price.  Call in a Professional and you’ll get the service you want, perfectly executed, 99.9% of the time.  It will cost you, though.

These folks are Professionals and they charge for their time accordingly.  They do this because they have 2 things that the average backyard pool-owner doesn't have  - Overheads and Specialist Knowledge.  Their Overheads mean that they have to charge a high hourly-rate and their Specialist Knowledge is the reason that they can.

Anyone who can look after several dozen pools and keep them all in pristine condition deserves to call him- or herself a Professional and - justifiably expects to be well rewarded for it.

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 Click on the image above to get your copy of The Pool Bible

 (Amazon Kindle version available here).

Why not go absolutely crazy and buy yourself a copy of The Pool Bible?  It costs less than 0.3% of the annual running costs of even a small pool and will save any pool-owner a lot of money this year (and the same amount every year.)

The Pool Bible teaches you how to do things for yourself at huge savings.  Armed with the knowledge of how to carry out 99% of operations to your own pool, including detailed information for cleaning-and-dosing and instructions for making repairs, coupled with knowing where to source trade-price spares and how to get discounts on chemicals, etc., you’ll avoid wasting sacks of money that could be better spent elsewhere.

When you buy your copy you’ll have the benefit of our decades of experience and advice on hand - anytime you need it. You’ll have the Specialist Knowledge to clean, service and maintain your own pool (or all the pools in the neighborhood if you want to get into the pool business!)

All this for half the price of a pizza and fries?  If that’s not a bargain - I don’t know what is!

Follow the advice in The Pool Bible and if it does not save you at least TEN TIMES the purchase price in the first year I will personally give you a full refund.  Thanks,  Ken Walker

PS - No-one has asked for a refund yet!


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